Thoughts from Everyone: Overview

The “Thoughts from Everyone” series is a collection of discussions and analyses of the current system (or anything related to transit) contributed by other transit fans that I personally find interesting (even though they sometimes differ from my own opinions). They do not include any suggestions for future transit options that are not acknowledge by officials, which are in the “Ideas from Everyone” series. They also do not include official studies done by MBTA, MassDOT and other municipal agencies; however, they may include discussions of such studies.

I organize these ideas roughly in terms of topics, route character and regions served. This page gives an index to all such categories.

This page and all subpages listed below are constantly expanding. Check back later and you may see more updates!

Last updated: April 20, 2024 (updated Allston, commuter rail, systemwide)


Thoughts from Everyone: Everything Transit (Last updated 4/14/2024)

  • Discussions about transit worldwide, not specifically pertaining to Boston.
  • May also include high-level design principles for transit routes, which can be helpful for proposals.

By MBTA Service

Note: If a discussion is largely about an MBTA route (or systemwide), but also has a particular focus on a region, it may appear in pages in both this section and the “By Regions Served” section below.

Thoughts from Everyone: MBTA Systemwide (Last updated 4/20/2024)

  • Discussions of the entire system in Greater Boston, that do not focus on a specific region or concept.

Thoughts from Everyone: Red Line (Last updated 4/13/2024)

  • Discussions of the Red Line.

Thoughts from Everyone: Orange Line (Last updated 4/13/2024)

  • Discussions of the Orange Line.

Thoughts from Everyone: MBTA Buses (Last updated 4/20/2024)

  • Discussions of public buses operated by MBTA.

Thoughts from Everyone: MBTA Commuter Rail and Other Mainline Rail (Last updated 4/20/2024)

  • Discussions of mainline rail in Massachusetts, especially the MBTA Commuter Rail system.

By Regions Served

Downtown Boston and Nearby Regions

Thoughts from Everyone: Seaport and Silver Line Waterfront (Last updated 2/28/2024)

  • Discussions of the SL Waterfront system (SL1/2/3/W), and other analyses and discussions about Seaport.


Thoughts from Everyone: Hyde Park, Fairmount and Readville (Last updated 3/31/2024)

  • Often involve the Providence/Stoughton, Franklin and Fairmount commuter rail lines.


Thoughts from Everyone: Jamaica Plain, Forest Hills, Roslindale and West Roxbury (Last updated 3/31/2024)

  • Often involve Orange Line, Needham Line, and a possible E branch reactivation.


Thoughts from Everyone: Allston, Brighton and Brookline (Last updated 4/20/2024)

  • Often involve Green Line B/C/D branches, Framingham/Worcester Line, and the I-90 Allston Multimodal Project.

Thoughts from Everyone: Newton and Needham (Last updated 4/13/2024)

  • Often involve Green Line D branch, Framingham/Worcester Line, and a possible Green Line branch to Needham.


Thoughts from Everyone: East Boston, Chelsea, Revere and Winthrop (Last updated 3/5/2024)

  • Often involve Blue Line, Newburyport/Rockport Line and SL3.

Thoughts from Everyone: Lynn, Swampscott and Salem (Last updated 4/13/2024)

  • Often involve Newburyport/Rockport Line and a possible Blue Line extension.

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