Official Projects: Overview

The “Official Projects” series is a collection of projects by MBTA, MassDOT and other municipal agencies. They can be anything related to the T and capital projects: From system infrastructure and accessibility updates, to bus lanes and transit priority, to transit expansion projects. (Not all of them are in the series yet, but I may add these topics sooner or later depending on my own interest and priorities.)

This page gives an index to all such categories.

This page and all subpages listed below are constantly expanding. Check back later and you may see more updates!

Last updated: April 20, 2024 (updated West Station, stations, bus lanes, added facilities)

System Infrastructure

Official Projects: Stations (Last updated 4/20/2024)

  • Ongoing or planned station work, including maintenance, accessibility upgrades, additional exits, infill stations, etc.

Official Projects: MBTA Facilities (Last updated 4/20/2024)

  • Ongoing or planned work on transit facilities, such as bus garages, rapid transit and mainline rail yards, etc.

Official Projects: Transit Priority and Bus Lanes (Last updated 4/20/2024)

  • Upcoming transit priority and bus lanes projects under planning or construction.

Transit Expansions

Official Projects: Transit Expansion

  • Transit expansion projects for subways, buses, commuter rail, and other modes.

Regional Rail and Electrification

Official Projects: Regional Rail and Electrification (Last updated 3/31/2024)

  • Plans to implement regional rail and to electrify the present-day commuter rail system.

Other Major Projects

Official Projects: West Station and I-90 Allston Multimodal Project (Last updated 4/20/2024)

  • Discusses the Allston project from a transit-focused point of view, including West Station, the bus hub and provisions for Grand Junction service.