MBTA Bus Network Redesign (BNRD) Through the Lens

The Bus Network Redesign (BNRD) is an MBTA initiative to completely transform Greater Boston’s bus network. In addition to more consistent service throughout the day and massively increased weekend service, a vast majority of bus routes will see routing changes, ranging from using a different street for a block to almost becoming unrecognizable. 6 new bus routes will be introduced, while 33 routes will have their current numbers eliminated (though many of them have the routing retained in some capacity under another route number).

The final BNRD proposal is available as an interactive Remix map and a static PDF map; I have previously made a Google Sheet detailing all route changes. Implementation is planned for 2024 through 2029.

I plan to document this transformative process through photography. For now, I am capturing bus routes running through places and corridors that they will kiss goodbye to under BNRD, due to the route either being eliminated or amended away from them. Just like the retired trolleybuses (both on the Silver Line and in Cambridge), the old Lechmere station and the Els that were torn down in late 20th century, these buses will all become fleeting moments in history that we will never be able to witness again. Even though they will likely not be reminisced anywhere close to the same extent as the aforementioned examples, each of them deserves to be recorded in their own ways.

Once implementation of BNRD starts, I will also capture the service changes: new bus routes being launched, and existing routes venturing through unfamiliar streets for the first time. Many of them create exciting new connections or bring MBTA service to roads for the first time in history.

Progress Update (Jan 15, 2024): This page has just been created and still under construction. In the near future, I will populate the post with a list of bus routes being changed under BNRD. I have already taken several photos, which I will upload over time.